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Outside The Box Radio 10/31/2015 Guest Sarah Alexander of Results HR

Each year October is set aside for Domestic Violence Awareness. We wrapped up the month with guest Sarah Alexander, Founder of Results HR.  We discussed the behaviors leading up to workplace violence and what employers should know. Hear for yourself by clicking on the link above.

Outside The Box Radio 3/28/15 Guests Holly Yalove & Rob Spurlock of Vieo Design LLC

My guests for Outside The Box radio on 3/28/2015 were none other than Holly Yalove and Rob Spurlock of Vieo Designs.  We had a great conversation re: the challenges and rewards of being repeat entrepreneurs.  Enjoy the conversation by clicking on the link above.


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Kathryn and her team are great. They take care of our books so we can concentrate on our business.
Rob Spurlock - VIEO Design